Surrendering a Sheltie to Rescue

If you currently own a Sheltie, work with, or know of a shelter that has a Sheltie and you need rescue for him/her, please call us at +1 (888) 399-2220. If you get our voicemail, please leave a brief message with a contact number and someone will be back in touch with you the same day. You may also email us at with a brief description and a photo of the dog in need.

We house rescued Shelties with foster homes throughout the state, and we almost always have room for a new rescue. We are a member of the ASSA (American Shetland Sheepdog Association) National Sheltie Rescue Network, which means we must meet certain requirements for the medical care of our rescues and for approving/screening new homes. We are always ready to provide a vet reference to anyone considering relinquishing their Sheltie(s) to us.**

**If you are considering working with another rescue to rehome your dog, PLEASE ask them for a vet reference. If they can't give you a vet to call who will verify that they are a good, responsible rescue, DON'T give them your dog. For every good rescue out there, there are just as many bad ones. Anyone can respresent himself as a rescue person. It's up to you to check them out.

What happens when you surrender your Sheltie?

After the Sheltie is placed in a foster home, the first thing we do is attend to the dog's medical needs: vaccinations, heartworm and fecal tests, spay/neuter, dental cleaning if needed, microchipping, and any other vet work indicated by the dog's age and condition (bloodwork, x-rays, surgery, etc.).

We evaluate the dog's behavior, and then place them up for adoption. We accept adoption applications for the dog. If an application looks like a good match, we'll conduct a vet reference check (which means we have to have a vet we can talk to who will verify that the adoption candidate is a responsible pet owner). If the vet check goes well, we then do a home visit and interview with the applicant.

Once an applicant is approved to adopt, we allow them to meet any dogs we have who might be a good match for the applicant's home situation.

If a good match is made, the applicant fills out and signs a legally binding contract and pays an adoption donation. Most people who adopt from us then become volunteers for our group.